• The Captive Nightingale CD on BBC Radio 3 October 8, 2017

    We are so excited our works were selected to be reviews on BBC Radio 3 – Particularly

    Er, der Herrlichte von allen – Lachner

    Have a listen here: (edited to be shorter)

    • “each track seems to more lovely than the rest”
    • “first class music making”
    • “wonderful when you put the disc in!”
    • “world premiere recording”
    • “so many discoveries to be made here”

  • Episode 31 – Elena Xanthoudakis on re-discovering, publishing, and recording “Romantic Rarities” August 31, 2016

    In today’s episode I speak with Elena Xanthoudakis, who is the director of Kroma Editions. We chat about her new CD called “The Captive Nightingale” which features late Romantic music for clarinet, voice, and piano. Elana shares her re-discovery of this music, details about recording the album, and why she’s so passionate about chamber music, even though she also juggles a successful opera career […]

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  • The Captive Nightingale – Elena Xanthoudakis March 3, 2016

    This album of rare Romantic lieder and chamber music is one of the latest offering from Signum Classics, combining soprano voice, clarinet and piano, breathing life into these forgotten and neglected pieces.

    The collection of songs celebrates the songs that were sung in homes, where ‘in every genteel home’ there was usually a piano, usually someone who sang and anyone else who could play an instrument could join in with an obbligato part. In the nineteenth century, the clarinet […]

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